Mystery Print!

Mystery Print!

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*Limited Quantity* You know when you ordered the Cobb salad with fried chicken but they accidentally give you grilled chicken instead? Or when you get the French onion soup but it’s like a little cold? Much like that cold bowl of soup, sometimes prints come back from the printer with minor defects (ie. a slightly bent corner). But instead of sending them back, I want to give them to you! Think of these mystery prints as those regular fries they brought you that one time instead of sweet potato fries or that cold bowl of soup. They have minor defects but they’re honestly still so good (and no mystery prints have any damage that a picture frame won’t cover!).

size: 8X12in 

material: giclee paper with a subtle watercolor texture 

*Each mystery print has a very slight bend in the upper left corner that will easily be covered by a picture frame- promise!